[Tech]The 3aspect of problems.

Scalability Aspect: In general, as the number of users increases, the number of transactions increases as well, and it results in problems associated with handling increased traffic. REAP CHAIN maintains consistent internal configuration throughout the entire stages except in the Pre-prepare stage, during which the proposal blocks are propagated. Therefore, it does not experience such problems as increased traffic even when the network is expanded. Because only a certain number of nodes are allowed to participate in the consensus process even when the number of nodes in the network increases, the processing speed can be guaranteed even after the network is expanded.

Decentralization Aspect: In the REAP CHAIN, all communication processes of a blockchain network are voluntarily and autonomously connected. The interconnections are unconventionally established by selecting the coordinator and the random candidate groups through a dynamic selection method when each block is generated. Also, primary entities participating in the consensus processes became different. REAP CHAIN has no central or external involvement because the designation and the finalization of the candidate groups are performed separately by an algorithm in both autonomous and voluntary ways throughout the block generation as well as the confirmation process without any external intervention.

Security Aspect: In REAP CHAIN, access is controlled through public-key encryption so unauthorized users cannot access any data or programs within the blockchain. And the blocks are being generated to maintain confidentiality and thus finalized by limiting the access to those who have been selected through quantum random numbers to maintain the integrity of the consensus processes. It also provides availability to ensure that the service is promptly accessed only by the participants of block generation by prohibiting information from being freely accessed on the Network.

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