ReapChain X Soonchunhyang University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation MOU

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Soonchunhyang University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation

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Soonchunhyang University Industrial-Academic Cooperation Group, which has concluded industrial-academic cooperation, was established with the goal of creating win-win value through sharing-type industrial-educational cooperation and revitalizing the Glocal virtuous cycle ecosystem.

To this end, we are promoting social talents, strengthening technological capabilities of future new industries by discovering and fostering excellent research groups, and advancing local-academic cooperation.

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6. Partnership Details

ReapChain signed a business agreement with Soonchunhyang University’s Industrial-Academic Cooperation Group for mutual human resource exchange and sharing REAPCHAIN technology research.

The two sides agreed to

▲ Cooperation with industry-academia-friendly education with Global Business University (GBS)

▲ Exchange of human resources for field education activities

▲ Mutual cooperation for cultivating customized workforce in the ReapChain business field

▲ Mutual cooperation for lip chain technical support and joint industry research

▲ Other mutual interests and projects for industrial development were decided.

Through this agreement, ReapChain will share its own technology (Shell-Core structure, which combines public and private Blockchains, and the two-way consensus algorithm (PoDC)) with Soonchunhyang University and strive to foster professional manpower and commercialize blockchain technology.

Also, through joint industry research, we aim to foster future blockchain talents and implement blockchains that can be used in real life that ReapChain pursues.

We believe that it is meant for schools and industries to establish research networks for blockchain commercialization and cooperate with each other to derive research results and share technical education. Through this, we expect synergies for schools and companies to grow together.

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