ReapChain X KAIST Synosia Lab MOU

2 min readAug 6, 2020

1.Partner’s Name

KAIST Synosia Lab

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The Synosia lab, led by Professor Seung-heon Han, is conducting research on corporate finance,

▲ Blockchain mainnet-based business model development and commercialization method research

▲ Blockchain-related private project orders and execution

▲ We are conducting research on various topics such as data analysis on M&A, corporate division, bond credit rating, and corporate governance in corporate finance.

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5. Partnership Details

The business model and market using ReapChain’s technology verification (PoDC consensus structure, dual chain performance verification) will be analyzed to present milestones for new technology development and new market entry.

ReapChain’s BM (Busuness Model) development and commercialization plan and business model value estimation review will be conducted, including technology exchange, investment consulting, and R&D.

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