[News] LN Venture Group, MOU with Korea Green Power to establish a “New and renewable energy supply certificate platform.”

LN Venture Group announced on the 1st that it had signed a business agreement with Korea Green Power to establish a new and renewable energy supply certificate (REC) trading platform using REAPCHAIN. The signing ceremony was held at the Daehan Green Power branch in Pangyo, Gyeonggi Province, on the 29th.

Representatives from both companies, including Lee Jung-Han, CEO of LN Venture Group, and Park Geun-Sik, CEO of Korea Green Power, attended. As a result, the two companies plan to introduce a blockchain-based platform that can freely transact with third parties, including those responsible for supply. To this end, we jointly promote the project and establish a cooperation system for project revitalization.

REAPCHAIN, which is applied to this collaboration, has a dual chain structure and features high-speed processing technology. LN Venture Group explained that it is a specialized mainnet that enables the actual use of blockchain. LN Venture Group is a specialized company that develops software based on blockchain technology. Korea Green Power is a domestic private power generation company engaged in biofuel and new and renewable energy generation projects.

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