METACOOP and ROA Land have announced partnership

2 min readMar 30, 2023

METACOOP announced on the 30th that it has signed a business agreement with Roa Land of Roa Core, an NFT-based art technology project.

Through this agreement, the two companies decided to cooperate to revitalize the NFT market, including domestic and foreign marketing promotion, ▲ community and network expansion, and ▲ creation of new contents using intellectual property rights (IP).

METACOOP’s MetaMAFIA is a new concept image-type (PFP) NFT market platform that combines METACOOP’s years of accumulated operational know-how with advanced blockchain mainnet technology of service-type blockchain project Reapchain.

METACOOP CEO Kim Woo-jung said, “We want to establish smooth communication and consensus between consumers and creators through this agreement,” adding, “We plan to continue to cooperate to provide high-quality NFT content by actively utilizing the infrastructure held by the two companies in the future.”

“The agreement with METACOOP marks the beginning of a new concept that we have never experienced before,” said Lee Gye-cheon, CEO of Roa land. “We will cooperate to become an NFT platform that can preoccupy overseas markets beyond Korea.”

Meanwhile, MetaMAFIA successfully completed character card minting on the 2nd.

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