Introduction of Quantum Random Number Selection Mechanism.

2 min readNov 12, 2021

In general, there are several ways to generate random numbers. One way to generate pseudorandom numbers is by using some mathematical functions in computer software. Once generated, they have been further use for general industrial sectors such as the financial, aviation, and security industries. A subsequent random number, however, could be statistically predicted if pseudorandom numbers are repeatedly used. In some consensus algorithms, nodes have authorities to participate in voting by using random numbers that are mathematically validated. But, such validation process requires much time.

Besides, this consensus algorithm requires more than 1,000 consensus nodes, which means that this network would not be able to work unless it expanded at the very initial stage. Another approach that has been attempted is to generate random numbers in hardware. When utilizing properties based on natural phenomena, for example, it is said that elemental motion of light protons or isotopes are completely random and therefore unpredictable. It is also said that such method of generating random numbers by digitally quantifying such analog movement is the most unpredictable method. Unlike other consensus algorithms that use pseudorandom numbers, REAP CHAIN introduces a reliable quantum random number generator. Random numbers obtained by using this are encrypted with public keys and used with robust security.

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